Successfully Finding a Babysitter for Date Nights

This article presented by Christine Sabol and Babysits. Babysits is an online platform that allows parents to find babysitters in their area. We also help babysitters find families who need them and share resources they can use! We have an enormous network of babysitters in Canada, with over 4,000 active babysitters. Our mission statement is …

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Investing Your Doula Time and Money Wisely

One of the greatest opportunities, and downsides, of doula work is the overwhelming number of ways you can invest in your business through expos/events, membership in organizations, and by attending educational workshops, seminars, retreats, and trainings. These choices can benefit your business greatly by exposing you to new potential clients, increasing your professionalism, and expanding …

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The Mother-voice

“There are very few times in life when women are as vulnerable as they are during the birth process. It is important to not let vulnerability keep us from owning the process and being the decision makers about our bodies and our babies.” [1] Oftentimes childbirth is misunderstood as a predictable and orderly occurrence, rather …

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Working with LGBTQ Parents

Many LGBTQ people become parents through adoption, insemination, pregnancy, stepchildren and/or fostering children. Be aware that your language around parents; “Mom” or “Dad” may not always apply. Be sensitive when referring to partners/ support people and ask for clarification if you want to know the terminology they’re comfortable with. Transgender Terminology to be Aware Of …

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Childbirth educator holding a baby model in front of a class.

Postpartum: How Can We Do More as Educators?

We have all heard the saying, “We spend months or years preparing for the wedding and no time is spent preparing for the actual marriage”. The same can be said for how we approach educating expectant parents for the postpartum period. Parents will spend weeks preparing for the labor and birth but seek out little …

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Black Breastfeeding Week on August 25-31

Inside Black Breastfeeding Week with Co-Creator Kiddada Green

The month of August is National Breastfeeding Month.  This month-long celebration culminates with Black Breastfeeding Week (BBW).  This year’s theme is “The World is Yours: Imagine. Innovate. Liberate!”  As an African American woman, I breastfed my babies the best I could, without having the resources or help that my counterparts received when they breastfed their …

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Blackboard with the words "How, What, Why, Where, When Who" written on it.

How To Find Evidence-Based Information

We are evidence-based doulas and educators! We base our training and our practice on the most recent scientific research. So, when a client asks you for the latest research on something she is concerned about…where do you go? Books? A textbook? Journal articles? Popular blogs? Special interest sites? Social media? There is no type of …

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Find a Mentor or Be a Mentor

I’ve been in a few situations lately where the role of mentor was defined, celebrated and encouraged.  My son participates in a mentorship program at his high school.  The students get high school credit for spending 2-4 hours a week working with a mentor in a field of interest to them.  My son works with …

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