Perez Scholarship Fund for Birth Professionals

If you are a part of the birth world you may have heard of Polly Perez or read one of her books.  She was a nurse for many years, and now works at her publishing house Cutting Edge Press.  She has presented at many CAPPA Conferences.  On April 13, 2017 her husband, Eric Perez, passed away.  There has been an outpouring of love from all over the globe.  We know that as birth workers we want to support and nurture others and it is hard to know one of our own is grieving.

True to her long history of kindness and generosity, Polly asked that CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association) create a scholarship fund in Eric’s honor.  In lieu of flowers, Polly asks that you donate to this fund to help someone who would like to become a doula or educator with CAPPA.

The Polly and Eric Perez Scholarship Fund will ensure that Eric and Polly’s love of supporting perinatal professionals will go on.   All of the funds raised goes straight to the education of perinatal professionals who otherwise cannot afford certification.   A committee will approve the scholarship applications each quarter.


The Perez Scholarship opportunity provides enrollment to CAPPA’s online CAPPA Academy (a value of: $175.00). It does not cover in-person training costs or items that may be required, including, but not limited to, books, booklets, online courses (aside from CAPPA Academy).

Please note CAPPA awards The Perez Scholarship up to (3) recipients per quarter. You may only be awarded the Scholarship one time. Completed applications turned in prior to or during the current quarter (see due dates outlined below) will be considered for that active quarter. Applications completed after the (below outlined due dates) will be considered for the following quarter. In-complete applications will not be considered eligible.

Apply By Bolded Deadline

Due: January 1st
Due: April 1st
Due: July 1st
Due: October 1st

Winners Announcement

CAPPA is delighted to announce the winners of The Perez Scholarship for Birth Professionals.  For this quarter, the committee selected the following outstanding individuals to receive funding toward their CAPPA Academy enrollment.

  • T. Gunn
  • A. Tang

Congratulations to all!

Previous Winners

We’re proud to have awarded our scholarship to these deserving individuals and hope they carry on in their work as CAPPA-certified professionals with integrity and excellence.

  • C. Rutkowski
  • K. Barrera
  • J. Randall
  • M. Trahan
  • L. Villareal
  • M. Vang
  • M. Fritz
  • A. Churn
  • L. Inclan
  • A. Kaur
  • K. Nielsen
  • L. Abbott
  • A. Long
  • A. Sylwestrak
  • N. David
  • C. Hedges
  • A. Pitts
  • K. Stilwell
  • L. Carson
  • A. Vargas-Butler
  • A. Valle Garza
  • M. Brothers
  • L. Sisk
  • M. Pettit
  • S. Jimenez
  • C. Herring
  • M. Peebles
  • J. Adams
  • L. Nimsomboon
  • N. Allen
  • J. Adams
  • L. Nimsomboom
  • T. Martin
  • Y. Baez
  • M. Thomas
  • T. Best
  • P. Frilot
  • J. Collier
  • A. Hoyer
  • K. Lambert
  • Y. Garcia
  • B. Rivera-Cabrera
  • I. Gomez
  • K. Isburg
  • T. Reyes
  • A. Dawn
  • T. Kunnary
  • M. Fredenburg
  • S. Johnson
  • S. Skeen
  • J. Mulligan
  • A. Del Suarez
  • A. McIntire
  • M. Wagner
  • C. Galvan
  • A. Mirabal
  • K. Edwards
  • K. Arias
  • J. Drummond
  • A. Granite
  • K. Wright
  • N. Grant-Dean
  • N. Allen
  • T. Reyes
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