New Online Recertification Process

Attention CAPPA Members!  We have a new online certification process that does not require mailing of any documentation—just download and upload!  Please follow this link to start recertifying online today!

Teen Educators and Pregnancy Fitness Educators do not have any online options at this time.  Please scroll down for Legacy Recertification Forms.

The CAPPA Education Center Meets All Your CEU Needs

The purpose of recertification is for CAPPA certified professionals to document their professional growth and continuing education. Recertification is required every 3 years.

CEUs (Continuing Education Units) for recertification must be relevant to and within the Scope of Practice of your program. Typically, clinical trainings are not eligible to be used as contact hours for recertification.

All CEUs obtained at CAPPA Conference, any CAPPA approved training, or CAPPA approved program can be counted for recertification.

Please allow 6-8 weeks from date of receipt for processing. If you would like to purchase a rush fee, you can do so in the CAPPA Store here.

If you are past your deadline for recertification, please contact the CAPPA office at to inquire about an extension. Please note: extension fees may apply.

Explore CAPPA's Education Center: your online source for continuing education! Recertifying has never been easier. Dynamic presentations by leading experts in the perinatal field. Create your FREE account today and browse our large catalog of affordable offerings. Each session provides contact hours and a certificate upon completion.


  • Maintain continuous membership in CAPPA.
  • Document 15 hours of continuing education in pregnancy, labor, breastfeeding, or postpartum approved by CAPPA.
    • When CEUs are required for re-certification with CAPPA, the CEUs must be relevant to the program you are certifying /recertifying in.
    • The CEUs must have been obtained within the last three years of your recertification date.
  • Sign and agree to the most current CAPPA Policies included in the recertification forms.
  • Read 10 research studies from peer reviewed journals published within the last 5 years.
  • Submit $80 recertification fee.
  • Postpartum Doula Program Only (every other recertification period) - Infant/Child CPR (or CPR-C Level) certification must be CURRENT.  The CPR course must be an in-person class with manikin practice, or it can be half of an online option with manikin practice.  Fully online CPR courses will not be accepted.  CPR certification must be obtained from the following options:
    • American Heart Association
    • The American Red Cross
    • The Canadian Red Cross (or their training partners)
    • ProTrainings, LLC.
    • St. John Ambulance
    • HSI

Legacy Recertification Forms

Click to open and download the following PDF files for recertification.  If your program is not listed here, please check the process for Online Recertification.

CAPPA Approved Courses For CEUs

Below you will find a list of courses that are approved for CAPPA CEUs and can be taken for recertification.  Certificates of attendance/completion must be presented with your recertification packet.

Are you an educator and want to provide CAPPA CEUs?

Apply for contact hours through CAPPA!  Once approved, we'll add your class to this list of courses for our members to attend!

Other Options for CAPPA Recert Hours

CAPPA certified professionals may use any of the following for CEUs.  At least 10 of the 15 required CEUs must be directly relevant to and within the scope of practice of your specific certification, with the exception of CAPPA conferences or CAPPA approved trainings.

  • Any CAPPA training
    • Must supply certificate of attendance.
  • Hours from CAPPA's annual conference
    • Must supply CAPPA's CEU certificate.
  • Hours from CAPPA's Education Center
  • Community breastfeeding support group meetings
  • Conference attendance at a perinatal conference sponsored by an internationally recognized and respected organization. (See approved list below.)
  • Preparing and presenting at a perinatal conference (national, regional, or state level).
    • Topic must be applicable to the scope of practice of your program.
    • Must supply agenda showing you listed as a speaker, outline of presentation, objectives, and resource list used in preparation.
    • 1 hour presentation = 2 contact hours

Accepted CEUs From Other Organizations

CEUs must relate to the certification program you are recertifying in, and be of a non-clinical nature.  CAPPA accepts contact hours approved by the following:

  • L-CERPS, E-CERPS, R-CERPS (IBLCE hours or GOLD conferences)
  • Any state nurses association or board of nursing
  • ACNM (American College of Nurse-Midwives)
  • MEAC (Midwifery Education Accreditation Council)
  • PSI (Postpartum Support International)
  • Spinning Babies
  • Body Ready Method
  • Conferences held in-person by ICEA, Lamaze, DONA (Please note: continuing education only, not certification training workshops or contact hours by other organizations that may have been approved by ICEA, Lamaze, or DONA.)

*Please note that we do not consider unapproved programs/contact hours or CEUs that are unrelated to your specific certification.

Organizers of events may apply for CAPPA contact hours using our application form below.

Online Sources for Research and Scholarly Articles

Below is a list of databases where you can find scholarly articles.  Please remember to review articles from journals published within the last 5 years.

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