World Doula Week

World Doula Week 2022 Shareables

Below are some graphics members can use to promote WDW and share their CAPPA Pride. Feel free to download these and share them on March 22-28! Be sure to use the tags #WorldDoulaWeek #WDW #DoulasMakeADifference and #CAPPAdoulas! Remember to tag us at @cappanetworking on Instagram or Facebook!

World Doula Week 2022 Profile Picture Frames

Members can take these frames and place them over their pictures by using a free website like Canva or an app like Over (from GoDaddy), or even directly on their photos app depending on the phone. Right-click and save the image you want to use!

5 Reasons to Still Hire a Labor Doula – Especially During the Pandemic

If there is one thing we have learned since early 2020, it’s that things are ever changing with this pandemic. One thing that has remained the same: people are still going to have babies. At the beginning of 2020, there were so many unknowns with the virus, how it affects a pregnant person and newborn, …

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Stuff Your Doula Says

Your Cervix is Not a Crystal Ball While a cervical exam can offer a great snapshot of what’s happening right now, it’s not necessarily the best indicator of what may come.  Neither is it really a great indicator of progress that’s already been made.  It’s really just one small piece of a much bigger picture! Trust …

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