Stuff Your Doula Says

Your Cervix is Not a Crystal Ball

While a cervical exam can offer a great snapshot of what’s happening right now, it’s not necessarily the best indicator of what may come.  Neither is it really a great indicator of progress that’s already been made.  It’s really just one small piece of a much bigger picture!

Trust Your Instincts

While doulas are great at giving good information and pointing you towards good resources for your decision making; ultimately, it’s YOU that is the best judge of how to apply those resources and that information to the decisions that you have to make for you and your baby.

Ask For Help

Almost everyone is eager to help an expecting mom or a mom who has just given birth.  So never hesitate to ask for the things you know will help you take better care of yourself and your baby.

Watch your Baby, Not the Clock

Babies, of course, don’t read text books and they don’t tell time, but they do know when they’re hungry, uncomfortable, or when they just need a really good snuggle.  Your doula is likely to tell you to trust your instincts (there’s that phrase again) and to watch your baby so that you can learn their signals confidently!

You CAN Do This!

Last but not least, almost every doula has said this to one client or another.  It’s like our motto!  Whether you’re in labor and struggling through those long, strong transition contractions and feel like you’re hitting a wall, there’s your doula’s voice right there in your ear saying, “You can do this!  You are doing this!”  Or when you’re struggling to get that tired little baby to finally latch, there’s your doula right there next to you, “You can do this.”

While every doula is unique, there are common threads that tie them all together. One of those threads is the Stuff Your Doula Says. She is the voice close to you, reminding you that you can do hard things. That you are already a good mom. That you can trust your body and your baby, and ignore clocks and textbooks and averages.

What are some things your doula has said to you? What was the most helpful? Share in the comments below!

Tiffany Miller


Tiffany Miller, CLD, CCCE, Student Midwife, has been a CAPPA member since 2007, when she took her Labor Doula training in Colorado. She has since become a Childbirth Educator through CAPPA’s program, and a student midwife in NARM’s PEP program, and cannot imagine a life without birth work. She especially loves the work of inspiring, encouraging, and uplifting clients, students, and other birth professionals through the spoken and written word whenever she can. She strives always to “be a rainbow in someone’s cloud” (Maya Angelou).

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