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Marlene Flores

Marlène has always had a passion for helping others. A natural nurturer, she can be found helping friends and family members whenever possible. In school she was involved in many volunteer organizations. Community IMPACT matters to Marlène so very much. Being one of the first among her friends to become a momma, she has been

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Jane Doe (Jane the Doula)

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Michelle Totleben

Birth doula since 2000 and CBE instructor in 2020. I offer prenatal & labor support for home and hospital births, and online and in-person childbirth education. In addition to private clients, I’ve done pro-bono community birth work, including service to teens and incarcerated women. I have experience with diverse populations and am proficient in Spanish.

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Haydee Corona Roman

Hi my name is Haydee Corona founder of Baby Angel Care, Inc. since 2016, proud mother of two amazing girls. I live in California the sunshine state is how I called it!, I have 16 years of experience taking care newborn babies and providing a magnificent services to new parents and during all this years

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Ines P Serna

Ines Serna is a mother, childbirth educator, and doula with a Master of Health Sciences in Public Health. She became interested in pregnancy and the birth process after having her first child in 2010. Shortly after she started working for the childbirth education department at a prestigious Bergen County hospital where she gained a great

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Gina Marie Morros

MHA/Ed., CD(DONA), ICCE, CLC, CIMI®, Spanish Medical Interpreter Woven Threads Birthwork, LLC Perinatal Support and Education- owner Currently working on a Pre-Natal and Peri-Natal Education Certification www.birthpyschology APPPAH – Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology And Health California Healthcare Interpreting Association, International Doulas of North America, International Childbirth Education Association, International Loving Touch Foundation

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Taina Hernandez

I’ve always had a love for mothers and babies; especially after having my own. But after the birth of my fourth child it became extremely real how mothers and their families lack support even from those closest to them.  So my journey as a doula began, first as a Postpartum doula and now as a

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Teresita Carrasquillo

I am a Certified Labor Doula, Certified Childbirth Educator and Certified Teen Educator. After serving as a volunteer doula for four years at The Children’s Home Society of New Jersey, I worked as the doula supervisor  for AMAR Community-Based Doula Program for three years. AMAR serves the Hispanic community in Trenton, New Jersey.  AMAR follows

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Ramona Gutierrez

Cappa certified post partum Doula LPN Ob case manager The Healing Corp board member Feminist leaders reproductive justice member thru auburn society Peace and dignity Journeys runner and coordinator

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Patricia A. Anaya

Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Published Author: Bumps in Motion: Pregnancy Yoga Sequences from Around the World Paperback

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Nancy Cavazos

Nancy Cavazos is the CEO/Founder of Blissful Baby® Consultants, LLC. She is trained in Child/Infant CPR and First Aid Certified, a Child Passenger Safety Technician, a Lactation Coach, a Certified Greenproofer & Greenbirth Educator through International Maternity Institute and is a Childbirth Educator through CAPPA. Nancy is a member of the International Maternity Institute (IMI),

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Maricela Elizabeth Alvarez

I am Maricela Alvarez, a certified postpartum doula. I have been serving my community as a postpartum doula over the past eight years. I am honored and humbled every time I am chosen to serve families during the postpartum period. I serve my  with love and gentleness. I provide unbiased support and it is said

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Lydia Laparra Garcia

I am majored in Social Education from the University of Valencia. I am a mother of two girls, and thanks to maternity I felt interested in learning  more about breastfeeding. After that I decided to become a lactation educator.  Currently I support mothers with their breastfeeding when they need help.

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Lorena Teran

Here in Colorado I have learned not only about the wonderful journey of being a conscious parent but how to start since the womb. Birth is a significant ritual for babies and specially for mothers to experience, it is a white canvas that you will paint with your eyes covered and only you will end

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Lilianna Villarreal Fresquez

Lilianna Villarreal Fresquez, a Colorado Native, graduated from the University of Colorado at Denver with a B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Sociology as well as in Physics. She has a diverse background in working with many under served populations. Lilianna also works as a Birthing Doula in Training at St. Anthony’s Hospital North

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Jennifer Badillo This is my email for any questions you may have. Hello i am from Puerto Rico but currently live in Delaware and i am here to help any momma!!

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Evelyn Torres

I am a certified Postpartum Doula who has a deep love a passion for providing new parents the support that they need during their Postpartum days.  I love to provide moms the emotional and physical support that they need during this special time in their lives. I truly believe that new moms have the right

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Amelia Avila

Providing birth doula (DONA certifided) and childbirth education services (CAPPA certified) in Hampton Roads, Virginia since 2005. I am located on the Peninsula, and primarily serve Newport News, Hampton, Williamsburg, Yorktown, Gloucester, Suffolk, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeak, and Portsmouth, Virginia. I am mom to eight beautiful breastfed people, and military spouse with full access to

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Andrea Lorenzo

Andrea has an extensive history as a caregiver. Her love for children, especially babies,  came at an early age (14) when her youngest sister was born. She would assist her mother with caring for her baby sister.   After graduating from school she pursued different career paths but she always returned back to her first love

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