Patricia A. Anaya

Patricia A. Anaya

Certified Birth Doula & Childbirth Educator

Services Offered: Childbirth Classes, Labor Support, Multiples Support, Remote Support/Virtual Classes, Spanish Translator, Teen Support, Trained Childbirth Educator, Trained Labor Doula, VBAC Classes, Waterbirth Support
Certifications: Certified Childbirth Educator, Certified Labor Doula
Location: Redondo Beach CA United States

Pregnancy Yoga Teacher

Published Author: Bumps in Motion: Pregnancy Yoga Sequences from Around the World


CLD Certification Number: 2014-17, expires May 29, 2017 (EDT)
CCCE Certification Number: 2014-13, expires May 29, 2017 (EDT)

Email addresses: (Alternate)
Phone numbers:
310749-2636 (home)
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