Service: Newborn Care Classes

Patrick Hutchins

Our Goal is to arm the Father with Knowledge of self , Awareness of Mom, and preparedness for Baby. Through this groundbreaking program we will teach me about their hormones and how they affect our bodies during pregnancy. We will focus on the “Big 3” hormones when it comes to childbirth. Vasopressin: Protection/Territorial/Jealousy. Testosterone: Huge …

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Casey Henshaw

CBD (DONA), PPD, NPE, Birth and Newborn Photographer

Krishnapriya Loganathan

Can Pregnancy be empowering ? Can Pregnancy make women strong both physically and emotionally? Can Pregnancy and Birth be planned according to her wish? Can labor be managed? Can the breastfeeding journey be smooth and happy? The answer to all the above questions is a definite YES and it can all be achieved by being …

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Dr. Nivethitha Sivanandam MSN, PhD Nursing,  Nurse by profession & very passionate in patient care. Obstetrics and Gynecology Nurse for more than 25 years out of which almost 15 years as Labor and Delivery Nurse,  a mother of two, &  all the positive feedback from my patients and friends drove me to be a part …



Hello, my name is Esteffany and I work as a Postpartum Nurse.  I have a new found passion for teaching mother’s and their partners go through their birth experience, recovery period, and at home phase in a positive manner.

Keoshia K Gaines

My name is Keoshia and I am a Labor Doula. The name of my business is Destined Doula Birth Services. My reason for becoming a Doula is that I came to a place in my life where I lost almost everything. I heard a small voice say, if you could do anything what would it …

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Angela Das

I’m a mom of 2.5 little humans, the wife to my favorite large human and owner of a business that sets my soul on fire. I have my B.A. in Speech Communication with an emphasis on Interpersonal Communication and I am a Certified Lactation Counselor.  Parenthood and mothering is not just what I have spent …

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Marla Fisher

Marla Fisher is a postpartum doula (DONA certified), Lactation Educator (UCSD) and Newborn Care Specialist (Gentle Blessings), Ayurveda Postpartum Doula and a New Parent Educator (CAPPA). It is my goal to support women and families during the unique and special time that is postpartum. Helping you have a smooth transition into life with your newborn, giving you …

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Karen Chipman

My name is Karen Chipman. I am the owner of Stork Ready, located in North Reading Ma. We offer pregnancy and parenting classes. As well as many support groups. Our classes and groups are offered virtually and in person.

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