Stephenie Brooks-Maynard

Stephenie Brooks-Maynard

Services Offered: Labor Support, Postpartum Support, Trained Labor Doula, Trained Postpartum Doula

Stephenie is a dedicated and compassionate birth and postpartum doula committed to providing exceptional care and support to birthing individuals and their families. With a deep passion for nurturing and empowering others, she brings a unique blend of empathy, knowledge, and unwavering support to every client she serves. She firmly believes in the power of informed choices and strives to provide her clients with comprehensive, evidence-based information to help them make decisions that align with their values and preferences. Her approach is centered on creating a calm, safe, and supportive environment where birthing individuals feel heard, respected, and empowered. Stephenie is passionate about building strong, trusting relationships with her clients. She takes the time to listen, understand, and respect their individual wishes and needs, creating personalized care plans that reflect their goals and desires. Her warm and nurturing nature makes her a trusted and invaluable partner in the birthing process.



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