Service: Trained Labor Doula

Julia Braga

Hi! I am a Brazilian doula and artist, mother of 2 boys. Since 2014 I have been working as an autonomous doula in Brazil, and I love to add my knowledge in rebozo, aromatherapy and natural herbs to my practice. I also love working with placenta art, where I add natural elements that represent the …

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Paige Gardiner

Hi, my name is Paige Gardiner. I am a certified labor, postpartum, and lactation support educator on the island of  Oahu, Hawaii. My goal as a doula is to provide evidence based information so you and your partner can make the best decisions surrounding your birth! I’m a mom of 2 and i’ve had both …

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Jennifer Stein

Hi! My name is Jennifer Stein. I have my children to thank for my  passion for all things birth. Specifically, supporting and educating birthing people and their families. It was not until my first pregnancy that I discovered the importance of doulas supporting women. Being a doula since 2015, I feel honored to be able …

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Christine Babler

Hello! I’m Christine Babler. I offer wholistic on line and in person prenatal education, and postpartum support. I want to show you and your partner how to harness the power of your whole self as you follow your unique birth and parenting journey!

Alejandra Ortigoza

Soy Psicóloga especialista en el área clínica, en proceso de certificación en Doula de Parto, Educación Perinatal y Educadora en Lactancia. Años de experiencia en atención a mujeres y promotora de una vida libre de violencia Estoy para apoyarte

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