Rachel Landau

Rachel Landau

CAPPA Labor Doula

Services Offered: Breastfeeding Support, Labor Support, Postpartum Support, Remote Support/Virtual Classes, Teen Support, Trained Labor Doula
Location: Queens NY USA

Rachel is a CAPPA trained Labor Doula and registered nurse with medical-surgical certification and over three years experience working in an inpatient, acute care setting. She recently transitioned to a new role as a critical care (ICU) registered nurse.

While Rachel is passionate about promoting health and administering care to sick and injured adults, she is committed to helping bring about good outcomes for birthing people and their babies.

In her capacity as a doula she seeks to provide high quality, individualized, nonmedical care that contributes to a good birth experience and reinforces birthing peoples’ self esteem and sense of self efficacy as life-givers and parents. Rachel is confident in her ability to provide comfort and encouragement. She seeks to facilitate communication between birthing families and medical professionals. Rachel also has ample experience assisting birthing people in the process of clarifying birth preferences and preparing birth plans that reflect their values and needs.

As a doula, Rachel encourages and champions clients’ self advocacy skills, their right to make informed decisions and to give birth in a respectful and positive environment. Rachel is also committed to helping new moms/birthing families recover and rest after birth as well as supporting them as they get acclimated to life with a newborn.

Rachel is a certified American Heart Association Basic Life Saving Provider. She is also a certified in AHA’s Advanced Cardiac Life Saving Course.

In her nursing career, Rachel regularly employs evidence-based practice and has amassed a great deal of experience/proficiency navigating complex and at times challenging situations that arise from the confluence of a patient’s unique physical, emotional and psycho-social circumstances. Rachel proficiently utilizes these competencies while serving as a labor doula, in hopes that they will help clients have a positive and safe birth experience.



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