Mrs. Emily Cavis

Mrs. Emily Cavis

Services Offered: Trained Postpartum Doula
Location: Albuquerque NM United States

Hi there! I’m Emily, and I’m a Postpartum Doula in Albuquerque, NM. I’m a mom to three amazing kiddos, and now that my kids are school age, I’ve decided it’s time to pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a Postpartum Doula! I’m currently in the process of obtaining my Postpartum Doula Certification through CAPPA.

Supporting new families through the fourth trimester is truly my passion and calling. Looking for emotional support, guidance, or a shoulder to cry on? I’m here for you. Need a nap, a shower, or maybe you just want to eat a hot meal with two hands? Yep, I’m your girl!

“Just imagine how much brighter every new mother could shine… if she received as much love, care, and emotional support… as that of her newborn baby.” – Wendy Gilroy

If you’re interested in my Postpartum Doula services, feel free to contact me and we can chat!

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