Anne-Laure Gatin Gutierrez

Anne-Laure Gatin Gutierrez

Certified Labor Doula

Services Offered: Labor Support, Trained Labor Doula
Certifications: Certified Labor Doula
Location: Fort Leonard Wood MO USA

My name is Anne-Laure Gutierrez, and I am a certified labor doula. I like to support mothers through of the most important moments of their life: the birth of their child. It should be a unique experience, full of joy, peace, sharing and empowerment. Birth is an extraordinary milestone when a woman discovers a new and deeper part of herself. She figures out how powerful and beautiful she is, how she is a special advocate of life, light and hope through her full self, body and spirit.

My job is to support mothers figuring out how they want to give birth, help them make decisions for themselves, and then accompany them through it. In a previous life, I was a consultant in management in Paris (France). The births of my two children rocked my world, and I decided to change career path and to choose a more meaningful job. Being a doula in Missouri is the best choice I could make for a fresh start!


CLD Certification Number: 8-202307, expires August 15, 2026 (EDT)


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