Jade Holmes

Labor Doula Faculty

Location: Utah

Jade has spent over a decade in several teaching capacities including as a childbirth educator and doula mentor. She is beyond passionate about birth work and can’t imagine anything more rewarding than teaching women to become doulas. She is heavily invested in doula work as a birth, postpartum, and bereavement doula and has served in several volunteer positions on the board of the Utah Doula Association. She is always expanding her knowledge base by attending workshops and conferences, reading the latest birth information, and studying alongside her birth peers. Outside of doula work, she is a wife to a loving and supportive husband and mother of five. She loves to attend comedy plays, work in her flower garden, have a movie night at home, curl up by a fire with hot cocoa, and is always cooking up something whether in the kitchen or elsewhere. More than anything, Jade is passionate about people and serving them in whatever way she can, as nothing brings more joy than making someone’s life a little better. You can find more about her and her work here at doulaed.

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