Esther March-Singleton

Lactation Educator Faculty

Location: Florida

Esther March-Singleton, MBA, RN, BHS, IBCLC, CLE® has charisma and a natural gift for educating women and healthcare professionals. It was through her experiences and trials as a wife and mother of three, that brought out her passion for helping other women close the gap with the difficulties encountered during breastfeeding. Esther has a been in the healthcare field working as a nurse for over 30 years and over 19 years as an educator. Esther is the owner of A Mother’s Choice Breastfeeding Services, which provides an array of resources and tools to successful breastfeeding experiences. As a CAPPA CLE instructor, she would like for you to gain knowledge through presenting evidence based information and to pass on her legacy to you as you help other women overcome breastfeeding challenges.

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