Rebecca Pearsall

Rebecca Pearsall

Services Offered: Belly Casting, Postpartum Support
Location: 1981 state route 326 NY US

I offer support to the new mother in the period after birth which can help the mother embrace the chaos and transition into the next phase of parenting, whether it be the first child or a sibling.

I offer the parents a way to formulate clear action plans for the first few weeks of postpartum. I have knowledge of post-partum fitness having worked in the fitness industry for women and tailor to her needs to find the resources for the physical health of the mother seeking to maintain and heal her body after birth. Offering sleep support, meal support, and emotional support to the mother. Insights for lactation support or feedings and sleep care are other essential ways to feel confident in motherhood. Other ways a post partum doula can be valuable to the family is in aiding in promoting bonding using baby-wearing, relaxation techniques, and tips for healthy partner involvement. Creating lasting confidence for both partners that promotes healthy attachments for the baby and care-takers.

When we are in the midst of our journey, we sometimes can benefit from the insight and knowledge of a doula who uses the mother’s resources effectively while keeping in mind her cultural and sociological background. Her personal story and needs are met through effortless inter-dependence within her community and her ability to reach out during a time when she is likely to be most vulnerable. In choosing a CAPPA postpartum doula, the post-partum mother finds herself empowered by her own body and role as a leader in her parenting choices.

As a postpartum doula, I help teach Parents how to feel empowered, confident, and gain more tools in their toolbox through evidence based education



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