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I was twenty-eight and pregnant with my first child. I knew about breastfeeding, having seen my stepmom and my sister-in-law nursing before. Yet, I was unsure of what lay ahead of me after I made the decision to breastfeed for myself. I was excited and scared, nervous and anxious. I was not yet working in the arena of breastfeeding. But, I did it. We did it. And it forever changed my destiny and the path of my life.

When I became a mother, I embraced the fact that it would be overwhelming and out of my control at many points and that is how I broke out and changed my destiny. I could not and did not do it alone. I could never have started and continued to nurse without the help of so many and that includes, in no small way, the healthcare providers who helped me get started and overcome challenges when I encountered them. I was lucky and did not have many obstacles; however, the people that I turned to for assistance offered it no-holds-barred and with their full attention. It was these people who through their encouragement helped me see that there was a role I too wanted to play in support, guidance, and advocacy of breastfeeding. In that way, I changed my destiny. When I became a mom for the second time, though I was in this arena, I was still a breastfeeding mom who also needed encouragement and support from my peers.

I hear from so many moms how instrumental their care providers have been-in good and bad ways. Those who are ignorant to the facts about breastfeeding and are discouraging; those who want more information but face barriers in locating accessible and proper breastfeeding trainings; and those who have become breastfeeding experts, have made it their life’s work to teach others and are a force for change in how we all view breastfeeding.

What matters most is the determination and force of breastfeeding moms who have the willpower to make breastfeeding work despite challenges, despite troubles, and despite naysayers. They have the most important job of all, as they have the power to choose, and are the only ones who can have a truly direct role in their destiny and in their baby’s destiny. This is accomplished by sticking with it and, in turn, being symbols of positivity for other people who see them normalize breastfeeding.

There are many positive forces in breastfeeding to counter the negatives that exist. By working collectively together, we are all a part of normalizing breastfeeding.

CAPPA is an organization we have been lucky enough to work with since their beginnings. We saw and continue to witness a positivity and force for change that would undoubtedly be a central conduit for the training of breastfeeding & birth educators and advocates, and a support for the women and babies they serve.

The organization’s roots and founders have similarities to ours. A need for help and a connection and camaraderie with a network of other women and moms who want to breastfeed and provide their babies with the best booster in life with breastmilk. Though we are different pieces to the puzzle of breastfeeding advocacy and support, we work together in our efforts to continue the momentum of breastfeeding. We all keep our eyes on the babies and moms we serve. And, collectively, we will continue to break new ground. By working together, we are strong as a united front.


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