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A Cerebral Palsy Resource for Families

Cerebral palsy is a neurological condition that a child may be born with, caused by brain damage or brain malformation during fetal development. It is one of the most common disabilities of childhood and it is one that has no cure, although it also does not get progressively worse. At Cerebral Palsy Guidance we have gathered together cerebral palsy, as well as dedicated adults living with this condition, to provide families with the resources they need to give their children the best lives possible.

Our Mission – To Support Families and Children with Cerebral Palsy

Our site was developed by caring and knowledgeable individuals, including those that have lived with cerebral palsy since birth. They came together to create an important informational resource for parents of children with this lifelong disability. The mission of the site is to reach as many people as possible who need answers about cerebral palsy and to support individuals and families with a community of like-minded people. We connect people with the resources they need to care for their children.

Informational and Financial Resources

We know cerebral palsy, and we know that supporting a child with this condition and giving him or her every possible advantage and treatment can be very expensive and confusing. Parents and families need information, which you will find here. We provide well-researched and thorough articles on every topic related to cerebral palsy so you can make the best choices for your child. We also provide information and the ability to connect with resources that provide financial support for families with children with disabilities.

For everything you need to know about cerebral palsy, as well as a community that supports families and connections to financial resources, visit CerebralPalsyGuidance.com.

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