Celebrating CAPPA Conference 2015!

The beautiful view from the Westin La Paloma Resort and Spa in Tucson, AZ

15 years ago, when I first started in this work, I went to a conference from another organization about childbirth education.

There was such a vast knowledge base there that was so far beyond what I knew as a newbie. I was enthralled all weekend. I thought, as time went on, that the high I would have from each conference would leave me because my own wealth of knowledge had grown. Now, after 15 years in this business and many conferences and workshops from many organizations, I left this past weekend thinking to myself, and sharing with everyone who knows me, how proud I am to be a part of this group of amazing women and men who support childbirth, women, families, and especially me.

Finding an organization that fits your own mission statement and how you want to change the world for women and their families is not always easy.


One of many inspiring conference sessions from the weekend

But every time I come to a CAPPA conference, I leave with a feeling of a place of belonging.

Given my strong introverted nature, I am most often quiet and stay to myself. While at conference, you can’t help but to emotionally feel like you are a part of something so large and so wonderful that all you really have to do is be present. Mindful. Feel the energy in the room. Understand the meaning of true team work and stay focused on what you want.


CAPPA's faculty and staff photo by Tracy Wilson Peters
CAPPA Leadership

Not only do I always hear speakers that inspire me, make me think, help me learn what is best practice and help me know how to help my clients, but I also learn how to help and understand myself in a challenging profession.

Not only do I get to be empowered myself, but I also watch what goes on around me and I stand so tall every time, being so proud, to be a part of such greatness.

I cannot imagine being a part of another organization like this one. The energy, the love, the direction and team work that we all do to make the world a better place, while changing birth where it needs to be changed, is extremely fulfilling.

For any of you that could not make it this year, I strongly encourage to come next year. Even if you are feeling a bit lost, you may find you may get back in contact with parts of you you forgot you had. We all belong here. And for a brief moment, in a harsh society of birth, we all have a place we call home with our fellow birth professional sisters.

Ruth Kraft

CLD, CCCE, Labor Doula & Childbirth Education Faculty

As the Founder and Executive Director of Women Honoring Women in 2002, Ruth Kraft, has been working with women and mastering her ability to nurture in a profound for way her entire life. After researching and having great interest in the birth process for many years prior, she then chose to turn it into a career. She is certified as a labor doula and childbirth educator through CAPPA. She enjoys training and mentoring new labor doulas through the process of making this a career and spreading the empowerment to as many women as she can reach. Ruth also provides hypnobirthing, private classes, mentoring, childbirth education and breastfeeding consults. Ruth has engaged in many local speaking engagements to help women understand the options and empowerment through their birth and motherhood. Ruth is the proud mother of Emma and Jacob and lives in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

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1 thought on “Celebrating CAPPA Conference 2015!”

  1. Hi Ruth!
    Thanks for summing this up so well =) The conference was a very inspiring “mountain-top” experience and made it all worth it as some of us left our loved ones behind and made sacrifices to attend. I missed a birth (she was so patient to wait it out!), but as with our CAPPA sisterhood around the country, the family was well-supported by another doula sister back home. I can’t wait until Destin, FL in 2016! In the meantime, I plan on being more active on our Facebook CAPPA Connection page with the members I met for the first time in Tucson or even just smiled at from across the room.
    Terri Woods, CAPPA Labor Doula Faculty

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