Childbirth Educator – Accelerated Course


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This course is designed for CAPPA members who wish to become a CAPPA-certified Childbirth Educator, and are any of the following:

  • RN (Registered Nurse)
  • CPM (Certified Professional Midwife)
  • Chiropractor with at least 1 year clinical experience
  • certified Labor Doula with CAPPA or DONA
  • experienced Childbirth Educator able to document at least 36 hours of teaching

Documentation is required and must be sent to for approval before enrolling in this course.

Students purchasing this course will be registered to CAPPA Academy — an online learning platform — where they will gain access to the details and forms necessary for completing the Course Requirements.

Please make sure you are purchasing the correct course for your certification.  A $30.00 service fee is required for changing courses.

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