CAPPA Membership

There are many obstacles that birth and postpartum professionals face in the field, but it can be a daunting task to face these alone. Lack of community…difficulty establishing network relations…not knowing where to start…These can hinder your growth as a professional.

But the solution is closer than you think.

By becoming a member of CAPPA, you can earn respect and credibility that will help jumpstart your career. Joining CAPPA means joining a community of thought leaders and pioneers in the field. Develop yourself as a doula, educator, and leader! Become part of a bigger vision to change the world!

Membership Benefits

When you sign up and become a Member of CAPPA, you get to reap all these benefits!

  • Exclusive access to a members-only Facebook group—great for networking and making connections!
  • Free subscription to a weekly E-newsletter with important updates, blog posts, and discounts for the CAPPA Store.
  • Create a profile on our searchable doula and educator directory. It’s like having an online business card for the work you do!
  • Up to 10% discount with CM&F Liability Insurance.
  • Opportunities for continuing education with:
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