Selena Eisenberg

Labor Doula Faculty

Location: Pennsylvania

I’m a midwife and traditional birth worker committed to improving birth outcomes; bringing joy back to birth. My day to day work focuses on advocacy and equity in birth spaces. I do this by providing education and a supportive environment where pregnant people can advocate for their birth choices. I have held many different roles in the birth space in the last 16 years.

In my role as CAPPA faculty I believe in supporting and training other birth workers to create joy in their community. A well trained doula empowers, supports, and holds space so that a pregnant person can weave the magic that is their birth story.

I’m passionate about creating a positive birth community for everyone and focus on those traditionally marginalized in these spaces, and am excited to train and support doulas in my community.

If you’re interested in becoming a doula I would be honored to teach you and give you the confidence to change your community for the better. I often have scholarships available for those from underrepresented populations as a commitment to birth equity and justice. Reach out with any questions; I look forward to seeing you at a birth.

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