Ruti Horowitz

Executive Director

Location: CAPPA Israel

Experienced in birth classes as well as education, Ruti is a certified childbirth and lactation educator, doula, yoga teacher and pregnancy yoga teacher. She is the founder and director of the Israeli leading birth professions school, The Art of Birthing, and editor and manager of the sites The Art of Birth Support and The Art of Birthing. She is also the author of the books Omanut Haleida: The Art of Giving Birth, The Next Step, and The Art of Birthing. She also has a guided imagery relaxation CD, The Art of Birthing, and is the author and narrator of the audio relaxation disc for birth Omanut Haleida: The Art of Giving Birth.

For more than a decade, as a birth theoretician writing articles that embody the very heart of contemporary birth perception and managing The Birth Forum, Ruti forms a major juncture for knowledge and public opinion which helps shape birth for both mothers and professionals. She is a graduate of the Israeli Center for Birth Education. She is one of the founders of the Women Taking Birth movement for freedom of choice in birth in Israel, and is one of the establishers of The Roof Organization for Accompaniment and Instruction around Birth and Life Circles Professions, and is co-founder of the Israeli organization for Free Choice in Birth, and founder of the Israeli Organization of Birth Professions. She is the creator of the system for training doulas and birth course instructors and developer of the unique curriculum which combines a huge and up-to-date body of knowledge with group and individual coaching and intensive referents. The practical and theoretical knowledge have combined into the strong ideological motivation to change the face of birth and to improve the wellbeing of mothers and newborns in Israel.

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