Priscilla Loor

Executive Director

Location: CAPPA Latinoamérica

Priscilla is a nurse. In 1988, Priscilla became certified as a natural family planning instructor. She began working with couples who chose natural family planning. In 1999, Priscilla came to the United States for her childbirth education certification training and she became a lactation specialist. This was the beginning of her work as a birth professional. Priscilla began teaching childbirth classes and served as a doula in a local hospital. In 2008 she became an IBCLC. Priscilla writes a monthly column in a national magazine for mothers and is frequently interviewed for various shows. Priscilla and Jennifer have a weekly TV program that focuses on pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding. Together, they also founded Cenidel, a breastfeeding resource center. In 2005, Priscilla gave birth to her child, experiencing firsthand what she had been teaching to expectant families for many years.

“I knew there was a huge need for certified professionals in our field, but in Latin America, there wasn’t an organization that makes those certification programs available in our language. Jennifer and I asked CAPPA to allow us to translate all of their programs to Spanish so that we could begin teaching and certifying childbirth educators, labor doulas, and lactation educators. CAPPA Ecuador was opened in 2010. Today, my dream has come true. This is just the beginning of big changes in the way women give birth and nurture their babies in our city.”

In 2014, the CAPPA Ecuador branch expanded to become CAPPA Latinoamérica.

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