Jaquelyn Dason

New Parent Educator Faculty

Location: Ontario, Canada

Jaquie is a New Parent Educator, Postpartum Doula and Infant Sleep Consultant. She supports parents so they feel empowered to take on early parenthood with confidence and joy. Jaquie’s own postpartum experience drove her to support new parents. Her entrance into motherhood was not at all what she expected. She was absolutely overjoyed but also felt completely overwhelmed, exhausted and alone. As she experienced her first and second postpartum journeys, her personal growth as a mother led her to recognize her passion for supporting parents through this stage of life. Jaquie focuses on the mother-baby dyad and offers compassionate support and guidance to new parents and families during the first few weeks and months after the birth of their baby. Her goal is to help new parents make a smooth transition to life with a baby and provide them with the support and confidence they need to thrive during this special and often challenging time.

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