Janice Banther

Labor Doula, Senior Advisor

Location: Florida

Janice Banther, CCCE, CLD, CHBE, CIMI, is a nationally known childbirth educator and labor doula trainer. She is the author of childbirth manuals and creates YouTube videos to help new doulas and educators.

Janice has been helping women during their birth since 1982. She has attended over 600 births and has taught thousands of pregnant women and their partner. She is a Certified Childbirth Educator, Certified Labor Doula and an Approved Trained Counselor and Trainer with RTS Bereavement. She is also a breast feeding counselor. Janice is the Founder and Executive Director of For The Love of Birth, Inc. which is a non-profit organization in Tarpon Springs, Florida. She has also started a national training program called Birth Behind Bars, educating Birth Educators to work with incarcerated pregnant women. Her greatest love is her husband Barry, her sons, David and John, their wives and 2 precious granddaughters. You can learn more about her by visiting her website, birthingwithlove.com and www.birthbehindbars.com.

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