Christina Drain, CLD


Location: Milwaukee, WI
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Christina Drain is the Owner and Operator of Queen Mother Birth LLC, a board member for the Wisconsin Perinatal Association, Moms Mental Health Initiative and member the Wisconsin Birth workers of Color Coalition. She is certified as a full spectrum doula, lactation counselor educator and certified childbirth educator. Christina holds a Bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies and Sociology with a minor in Gender and Women’s Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Christina has worked in the field of maternal and child health for over 12 years. Her career in birth work began in 2015 after giving birth to two of her five children. Christina currently manages a team of ten doulas and two doula coordinators. Her goal is to ensure everyone involved in the perinatal journey has the knowledge and support needed to have a healthy and successful experience. Her ultimate goal is to ensure everyone has access to a doula and that doulas are recognized, acknowledged and respected as the essential professionals they are.

In her free time, Christina enjoys attending community events/festivals with her husband and five children. She also likes crafting, event planning and traveling.

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