Aurella “Kaybee” Beach

New Parent Educator Faculty

Location: New York

Aurella “Kaybee” Beach is a dedicated and experienced professional with a diverse background in education, caregiving, and holistic practices. Originally from St. Vincent and the Grenadines, she began her career as a high school teacher and private tutor in her homeland before venturing to the United States, where she worked as a respectful caregiver nanny.

With a passion for newborn care and attachment-style caregiving, Kaybee has achieved an advanced certification as a newborn care specialist. Her expertise also extends to being a certified new parent educator and postpartum & birth doula, enabling her to provide comprehensive support to families during the transformative stages of early parenthood.

Kaybee’s commitment to empowering expectant parents is evident through her roles as a child birth educator and a Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator. By sharing her knowledge and guidance, she equips families with essential information and tools for a positive birth experience.

Understanding the importance of nutrition during the postpartum period, Kaybee is a Certified Perinatal Nutrition Educator. She has also authored the cookbook “Feeding The Postpartum Family With Love,” which offers nourishing recipes to support the well-being of new parents and their families.

Now residing in Brooklyn, New York, Kaybee takes pride in her Garifuna heritage. As a mother of two young adults, she draws upon her own experiences to provide compassionate support to others.

Kaybee’s dedication to ongoing professional development is evident through her certification as a lactation counselor and her background in Ayurveda Postnatal Practices. These additional areas of expertise further enhance her capability to provide holistic care and support to new parents.

Aurella “Kaybee” Beach is a compassionate, knowledgeable, and well-rounded professional with a passion for helping families navigate the journey of parenthood. Through her attachment-style caregiving approach, expertise in newborn care, childbirth education, nutrition, and holistic practices, she empowers both parents and professionals to navigate and support the joys of parenthood!

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