Optional Session Green: Being An Influence


Approved for (1) Contact Hour for Recertification with CAPPA


Local (even national) radio and tv stations need to create content for their programs, their producers are always looking for information for their viewers/listeners.  Using social media to build your audience will make you more attractive to them. Be authentic. Don’t get caught up in making your feed the most beautiful, try to make it the most authentic, it has to represent you. The information is available but only YOU know how to share it in a unique way and that makes you attractive to sponsor’s. Sponsor’s pay you or even give you free things for giveaways for your audience as you become a micro influencer for mentions.

After this session, participants will be able to:

  • Confidently contact local sponsors, tv stations, and radio programs regarding their knowledge.
  • Create their “perfect social media feed”.
  • Be their most authentic self on any platform.
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