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Eva Gordon Ryali

Hi! I’m Eva, and I’m here to help. Having a baby is one of the biggest events of a person’s life, and no one should have to go through it without support. I know how stressful and overwhelming those first weeks postpartum can feel, and I know what a difference having a Postpartum Doula can …

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Vashara Newton-Weber

Bio For Vashara “Peaches” Newton-Weber   Hello and greetings from me to you. I, first would like to thank you for considering me to be your Doula. Im going to continue with an introduction and provide some basic information regarding my life.  My name is Vashara, but everyone calls me Peaches. This is my nickname …

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Sophie Acker

Beginning my story as a postpartum doula with years of experience as a caregiver. More to follow

Elise Blackwell

A Little About Myself My name is Elise Blackwell, I grew up in a small town in southern Oregon with my parents and three siblings. Over the last ten years I have made many moves in my life. My family and I left Oregon to live in San Diego California where I then attend San …

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