Shavon SW Bullen, MPH, CLE, CLD, PD

Shavon SW Bullen, MPH, CLE, CLD, PD

Servicios ofrecidos: Apoyo a la lactancia, Masaje infantil, Apoyo Laboral, Asistencia remota / clases virtuales, Apoyo para adolescentes, Doula de trabajo capacitado, Educadora capacitada en lactancia, Doula posparto capacitada
Certificaciones: Doula Laboral Certificada, Educador certificado en lactancia ™ CLE®
Ubicación: COLTON CA Estados Unidos

CAPPA Faculty for the Lactation Educator Program Shavon is the Owner & CEO of Mom’s Treasure Chest her company provides breastfeeding support and education to families during their prenatal and postpartum periods that will give them the skills and knowledge to successfully breastfeed. Mom’s Treasure Chest offers labor doula services to provide emotional, physical and informational support to support families in having the birth experience they desire. Shavon is a Supervisor where she works with transitional youth and the Maternal & Child Health program coordinator where she offers birthing services, classes and resources to expectant and parenting young adults. Her goal is to educate her community through health education and promotion.


Número de certificación CLD: 11-202107, vence el 3 de noviembre de 2024 (EST)
Número de certificación CLE: 10-201705, vence el 2 de diciembre de 2023 (EST)

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