Julie A. Palmisano

Julie A. Palmisano

Doula de una nueva vida, LLC

Servicios ofrecidos: Apoyo a la lactancia, Apoyo posparto, Apoyo para adolescentes, Doula de trabajo capacitado, Doula posparto capacitada
Certificaciones: Doula posparto certificada
Ubicación: Walworth Wisconsin Estados Unidos

As a mother of six children and three losses, I have personally experienced a diversity of births as my own children came into this world. My first was born exactly on his due date, but he had to stay in the hospital for a couple weeks. During that time, I had a desire to breastfeed him, but I had no support to sustain it. My breastfeeding journey with him lasted only a few months. My second and third children were born in the hospital, with medication, and vaginally. Breastfeeding was successful with both of those girls; we made it past the first year.

My fourth child was born by C-Section (Belly Birth).  I struggled with feeding him, and supplemented with infant formula. His birth happened in the middle of a horrible divorce. I had a tubal ligation after his birth, and raised my children as a single parent for the next four years. Later, I met my husband, and I underwent surgery for a tubal reversal. A year later, we had an ectopic pregnancy and I lost my right Fallopian tube. We were given the final diagnosis of ‘Secondary Infertility’ after another miscarriage. Our seventh (yes seventh) doctor finally found my issue. After an MRI of the pelvis, it was discovered that I had a Uterine Scar Separation (Uterine Dehiscence). Once that was surgically fixed, we finally got pregnant!

Tuvimos a nuestro bebé Rainbow en 2016, naturalmente, con solo UNA trompa de Falopio en funcionamiento. Ese bebé Rainbow (mi quinto bebé) fue un VBAC hospitalario muy exitoso (Parto vaginal después de una cesárea). La lactancia materna fue un desafío y extraje leche exclusivamente durante más de cuatro meses. Mi sexto bebé fue concebido naturalmente a los 42 años. Nació en casa con un brillante equipo de parto a mi lado.

¡Cada experiencia me dio más conocimiento y un fuerte deseo de ayudar a los demás!

The term ‘doula’ is a Greek word that means ‘servant’. A doula is a trained, professional assistant. A Certified Postpartum Doula comes in AFTER your birth. The postpartum adjustment period lasts well into the first year, making the ‘fourth trimester’ , and sleepless nights, the longest. In today’s mobile society, extended families might not live close by and may be unable to provide care for a new family.

Déjame caminar a tu lado en TU viaje… ¡dándote ánimo en el camino!

Felicitaciones y mis mejores deseos para ti,

Julie Palmisano, CPD

Doula de una nueva vida, LLC
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