Ines P Serna

Ines P Serna

Propietario y fundador de The Labor Lounge, LLC

Servicios ofrecidos: Doula anteparto, Fotografía de nacimiento, Clases de parto, Apoyo Laboral, Clases de cuidado del recién nacido, Traductor de español, Educador de parto capacitado, Doula de trabajo capacitado
Certificaciones: Educador certificado en el parto
Ubicación: North Bergen NJ Estados Unidos

Ines Serna is a mother, childbirth educator, and doula with a Master of Health Sciences in Public Health. She became interested in pregnancy and the birth process after having her first child in 2010. Shortly after she started working for the childbirth education department at a prestigious Bergen County hospital where she gained a great deal of knowledge about maternity services. After the birth of her second child, in 2014, she decided to become a childbirth educator. Through her two birth experiences, she realized the power of knowledge can have a positive impact on birth outcomes.

While working as a childbirth educator at the hospital, Ines saw the necessity of giving additional support to her clients. She has trained with DONA International to obtain all the required skills to assist mothers during birth. Ines is dedicated to expanding her knowledge by attending maternal and child health conferences and networking with health professionals in the community.

Ines’s extensive hospital experience has allowed her to see and understand the need to continue advocating for patient-centered care. She believes a patient’s personal preferences such as values, cultural traditions, family support, and lifestyles must be considered. Ines is passionate about supporting expectant parents by making sure they understand that they have options before, during, and after birth. She strongly believes that EVERY woman deserves a good support network. A network that consists of health professionals, along with family, friends, and of course the support of a doula is the most incredible gift parents can experience in their lifetime.


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