Colleen Goidel

Colleen Goidel

CPD (CAPPA), mentor capacitado de Birthing From Within

Servicios ofrecidos: Doula anteparto, Apoyo a la lactancia, Clases de parto, Clases de cuidado del recién nacido, Apoyo posparto, Asistencia remota / clases virtuales, Apoyo para adolescentes, Educador de parto capacitado, Educadora capacitada en lactancia, Doula posparto capacitada, Clases VBAC
Certificaciones: Doula posparto certificada
Ubicación: Hoboken NJ Estados Unidos

I’m a CAPPA-certified postpartum doula, a Dar a luz desde dentro childbirth educator and a lactation, postpartum and parenting educator. I’ve supported hundreds of laboring, postpartum and breastfeeding clients over the past decade. Through my company, Two Doulas & You, I developed a full-spectrum education program that includes evidence-based childbirth, lactation and newborn-care classes. It is my pleasure and privilege to help expectant and new parents discover and manifest their birth, feeding and parenting priorities.

My passion is inspired by my own experience as a parent and grandparent. Yoga and meditation help me respond with compassion, openness and presence as each parent’s unique needs unfold.


CPD Certification Number: 5-20148, expires julio 29, 2023 (EDT)

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