Introduction to Reimagining Postpartum Support: A New Paradigm to Help You Add Scope, Value, and Prenatal Hours To your Postpartum Doula Offerings

Session Description

How do we help clients prepare for the postpartum journey prenatally, when they often say they cannot focus beyond the birth? One way is to reframe how we understand the meaning of postpartum support. Resting on the shoulders of Mothering the New Mother, Reimagining Postpartum Support (RPS) is a new paradigm that addresses the perinatal experience through a “peace-of-mind-centered” lens, with special focus on building a strong foundation for what happens after baby arrives. As postpartum doulas, you are well-positioned to use an RPS approach with clients prenatally; the groundwork you create benefits you both after baby arrives. This session introduces two key RPS elements and demonstrates how you can use them immediately to engage clients in a way that prioritizes/personalizes postpartum peace of mind and emotional wellbeing.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the origin and purpose of the RPS paradigm.
  • Implement the three components of the RPS Perinatal Peace-of-Mind Timeline prenatally.
  • Utilize one other RPS tool to deepen connection with clients

About the Speaker

Sally Placksin is an award-winning nonfiction writer and public radio producer of over 300 programs, including the National Public Radio documentary, “Supportive Postpartum Traditions in Diverse Cultures”.   She is the author of Mothering the New Mother: Women’s Feelings and Needs After Childbirth and creator of Reimagining Postpartum Support, a new paradigm to expand and revise our understanding of postpartum support by prioritizing peace of mind and emotional wellbeing.   Sally’s writings about mothering and postpartum support have been inspired by her personal experience, a desire to help others facing similar challenges, and a mission to revise the culture and community around the transition to new motherhood.   She is the mother of two grown children and a survivor of postpartum depression and anxiety.  She currently educates parents-to-be and doulas about Reimagining Postpartum Support and is also a Birth Story Medicine® Listener dedicated to helping people process their birth stories.

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