Beyond Baby Brain: Embracing Neurodivergence in your Practice

Learning Objectives

  • Define different disorders contained within the spectrum of neurodiversity.
  • Identify the rates of prevalence in adult populations (20-35y).
  • Examine their own systems and identify “pain points” in accessibility for neurodivergent families.
  • Unpack internalized biases about behaviors common in neurodivergent populations.
  • Explain strategies for advocacy in cases of medical discrimination.

Session Description

Neurodivergence is one of many hidden disabilities. It is often overlooked or poorly understood. Spectrum disorders present a unique set of challenges to accessing healthcare, especially lactation care. These challenges worsen with stress, hormonal changes, and lack of sleep—things new parents often experience all at once, particularly when struggling with lactation and infant feeding difficulty. With the information and strategies outlined in this talk, the lactation care provider can develop skills and use creative problem solving to ensure their systems of care are accessible and enthusiastically inclusive of neurodivergent families.


About the Speaker

Bryna is a neurodivergent and queer IBCLC, adult educator, birth doula, mentor, and private practice owner. They have also sought additional training and continuing education in the areas of oral function and infant feeding, Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT), primitive reflexes and brain development in infants, cultural congruency, trauma-informed care, harm-reduction approaches to clinical care, and other counseling strategies for client-facing care. Inclusivity and accessibility are central values that Bryna hold as they approach their work. Bryna also recognizes that their background as a white person in the United States places them in a position of privilege, and they work to be cognizant of how that lens impacts their work. When not working, Bryna can be found staring up at huge trees in awe or inhaling the salty air at the coast in the Pacific Northwest where they live with their children, partner, and dogs.

To learn more or contact, please visit Doula My Soul, LLC.

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