Finding Your Professional Village

Do you have a professional village? School teachers have the teacher’s lounge and department meetings. Office staff have the boardroom and water cooler. Athletes have the locker room and team meetings. But as perinatal professionals, we often work in isolation from our peers. Rarely do we have the opportunity to meet on the job or …

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911 Postpartum Doula

As a Postpartum Doula, I serve a wide range of families and know the support I provide makes a huge difference in their lives after babies. Most of my clients contract with me before the birth to ensure that they will have the support needed. But I have a whole other clientele that does not …

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Finding Your Niche

As a former biology instructor I always encouraged students to observe their environments, as they are ripe with individualized roles that are filled by a species with a unique skill. The world of childbirth education is similar. While the variety of options that exists could be endless, with the right research and evidence at your …

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The Art of Networking

Networking has changed quite a bit from when I started in this field many, many moons ago.  In a technological world, we are quickly becoming more connected and disconnected all at the same time.  Before the Internet and social media was a thing, we used to have to actually make appointments with others and have …

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Establishing Healthy Boundaries

As a doula trainer for many years now, one of the most challenging concepts to instill in newer doulas is the idea of healthy boundaries with clients. Not the kind discussed in the scope of practice because those are pretty clear-cut, but instead, establishing when we will be available for routine questions and support. It …

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Make the Connections

For the past two years, I’ve had the opportunity to serve on the planning committee for a community event: The Birth and Family Wellness Fair.  This fair promotes holistic family health and birthing options. I have seen the positive effects this event has in our community and urge others to sponsor or support events like these in their areas. I worked with …

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