Waterbirth Support

Jennifer M. Finley

With over 10 years of experience, supporting women and their partner is what I do and most of all, it’s what I love! I will use my knowledge, experience, and energy to help you create the birth experience YOU want. I believe pregnancy and birth are a natural and normal cycle in a woman’s life

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Teresa Vittorioso-Fortin

​Hello! My name is Teresa (she/her/hers).I am a full-spectrum doula, childbirth educator, placenta specialist, herbalist, and soon to be certified Lactation Educator serving the Greater Boston, Cambridge, southern New Hampshire, and Merrimack Valley regions. I have been attending births since 2005 and have been honored to be witness to over 300 births to date. I

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Kelsey Clarken

Welcome! We’re two sisters on a mission to build the communities of North Central Iowa with evidence-based birth support. Community health IS maternal health. Everyone deserves a doula, everyone deserves a sister. Your birth. Your support. Your community.

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Morgan Castellvi

Hi There! I became a mother to my amazing daughter in April 2021. Researching everything under the sun in regards to labor, birth, postpartum, breastfeeding, parenting, etc….I realized the more support you have around you during this intense transition, the more likely you are to achieve the goals you have. Not only will you be

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Shannon Cronin

Hi there! I’m Shannon and offer birth and postpartum doula services in the Denver metro area. I feel so compelled to provide empowerment and nurturing support to parents since my entry into parenthood was far more challenging than I had planned. I knew my newborn would need a lot of care, but I was unaware

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Caroline Tittle

Certified labor doula located in Jacksonville, NC at Bella Donna Midwifery. Passionate about providing kind, empathetic, & educated care to mothers in the Eastern North Carolina area. Accepting clients for birth center, home births, and hospital deliveries.

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Hadassah Wright

Hadassah has been passionate about supporting laboring people since attending her first home birth at the age of 12! She is a dual-certified labor doula through These Are My Hours and CAPPA. She is currently working at Bella Donna Midwifery in Jacksonville. NC. To book with Hadassah, please call (910) 621-4266 or e-mail her at

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Brandi Branch

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce myself and share my extensive experience in the field of childbirth education, doula support, labor and delivery nursing, military nursing, and midwifery. With over 15 years of combined experience, I bring a wealth of knowledge, compassion, and expertise to every family I serve. Childbirth education is

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Felicia Cicero

Hi fellow doulas and birthing persons! My name is Felicia! I‘m a CAPPA doula in training working towards my certification. So far I’ve attended one beautiful and amazing home birth and I’m looking forward to supporting two more births to get my certification! I‘ve always had a passion for caregiving as I was a nanny

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Megan A. Jennings

Hello! I’m a Full Spectrum doula & birth worker in Kitsap County here to support families in their journeys throughout Western Washington and beyond. Specializing in Pregnancy, Labor and Birth Support. I am a CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association) Certified Labor Doula. My education and trainings are; Klahowya Secondary School, Silverdale WA- High School

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Erin Herrin

Hi! My names Erin Herrin and I’m a CAPPA trained Labor Doula serving the Spring, Woodlands, Conroe, Magnolia, TX and surrounding areas. I’ve been married to my best friend Travis for 8 years and together we have 4 beautiful children. My personal birth stories range from in hospital with an epidural/OB to a homebirth with

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Shelice Johnson

Shelice was born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina and has now been a Georgia resident for 12 years. Shelice was a teen mom who overcame every obstacle she was faced with and now she is a mom of a HBCU college student and four other amazing children.  Shelice began her journey by obtaining an

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Evonna N. Christmon

My name is Evonna Christmon I’m a professionally trained and certifying Birth Doula with DONA International. For over 10 years my work has passionately centered ancestral birth practices, relationship building, and maternal wellness. I learned that pregnant women need and appreciate loving, familiar people to stay with them, help them, and share one of their

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Kelsey Machado

At the root- Kelsey is an advocate. Her life purpose is to uplift the voices of others. She is a staunch believer in body sovereignty and body autonomy. She believes these are key to liberation. She finds joy in equipping others to take control of their power through speaking up and speaking out.  She aims

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Baileigh Whipple

My name is Baileigh, and I am the Kindly Doula. I am trained and working on getting certified. I strive to help my clients feel confident and well-informed in their choices during and after their pregnancy. I am a religious minority and encourage spiritual and religious practice during such a life-changing moment. Feel free to

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Maria Paronto

My name is Maria, I am a 27 year old Vermont native. I grew up in a small town with 2 siblings and my parents. I have tattooed professionally for the last 6 years in Barre, VT. I enjoy rock climbing and baking in my free time! I am now offering labor doula services around

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Amber Snowder

I believe that birth, pregnancy, and every bridge in between can really shape a mother. We are not meant to do these things alone, and one of the most wonderful people you can add to your village is a doula. The support and information that you can gain from having a doula is unmatched. I

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Carlie Bartoli

Hi there! My name is Carlie and I am passionate about all stages of pregnancy, postpartum, and pediatric care. My desire as a doula is to compassionately meet people exactly where they are (physically, mentally, and emotionally) and support them so that they can transition through new changes as confidently as possible. When not working,

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Suzanne Barckley

I am proud to be a CAPPA Labor Doula.  I am passionate about helping mothers during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.  I myself wish I had a doula during my pregnancies and births.  I know the importance of childbirth education and helping moms with resources needed during pregnancy.  I love sharing with moms about advocating for

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Ashley Vargas-Butler

Navigating not only the challenges that come with pregnancy, birth, & postpartum but also the landscape that is maternity care in this country as a BIPOC can feel overwhelming.   I’ve been there, I get it.   After the traumatic birth of my first child I learned that having the right care and support can

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Pauline Biahun

As your doula, I respect you and your choices. I wish for you to feel heard, educated, dignified and powerful, whether you want to feel in control of the birthing process or have concerns about breastfeeding. I am a resource for you and your needs. ​I am here to help you find your voice, reflect

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Mikah Grace Mana

Hello! My name is Mikah I am a trained labour doula through CAPPA. I offer judgement-free, evidence-based, emotional, physical, and spiritual support at all kinds of birth settings. I love helping families, especially the birthing person, feel empowered, listened to, and loved during their journey. I am honoured to be here.

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Dané Schmid

Dané loves learning & sharing information & resources surrounding perinatal ​health. Her approach is encouraging her clients with the intention to make them ​feel confident in their own abilities. She wants to welcome peace & joy back into ​perinatal health by encouraging others to educate themselves. Dané loves seeing ​& encouraging her clients to be

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Janice Ingram

Non-medical wellness support services supporting parents during the perinatal stage of pregnancy to newborn with postpartum care, birth support, sibling care, meal prep and planning, and childbirth education with a professional touch in the MO and KS area. Complimentary services consist of child seat inspection and help with installing. I am a mother of 5

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Elise Bene

Elise Bene is a newly trained Labor Doula in the Greater Cincinnati area. She believes in the empowerment of birthing people and is honored to be support in the process. She strives to provide resources, information and compassion to her clients. LGBTQ+ inclusive

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Leah Niemasz-Cavanagh

I am a trained birth and postpartum doula. I have experience supporting several families during labor as well as postpartum. I also have experience with multiples. I appreciate how exciting as well as overwhelming it can be to bring home a new baby or babies, and I want to help make the transition as comfortable

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Kayla Kohl

I’m a full spectrum doula and the founder of The Birth Chronicles. My mission is to support families through pregnancy and postpartum, while embracing empathy and evidence based information.  Visit my website at thebirthchronicles.co

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Julia Braga

Hi! I am a Brazilian doula and artist, mother of 2 boys. Since 2014 I have been working as an autonomous doula in Brazil, and I love to add my knowledge in rebozo, aromatherapy and natural herbs to my practice. I also love working with placenta art, where I add natural elements that represent the

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Paige Gardiner

Hi, my name is Paige Gardiner. I am a certified labor, postpartum, and lactation support educator on the island of  Oahu, Hawaii. My goal as a doula is to provide evidence based information so you and your partner can make the best decisions surrounding your birth! I’m a mom of 2 and i’ve had both

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Jennifer Stein

Hi! My name is Jennifer Stein. I have my children to thank for my  passion for all things birth. Specifically, supporting and educating birthing people and their families. It was not until my first pregnancy that I discovered the importance of doulas supporting women. Being a doula since 2015, I feel honored to be able

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