VBAC Classes

Lydia Baker

    Lydia has been serving Brevard County’s families as a Doula (birth & postpartum) and Childbirth educator for over 17 years. Her dedication and professionalism to each and every client is unparalleled. She is highly respected and recommended by care providers throughout the county.    

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Seema Manoharan

I am a CAPPA Certified Childbirth Educator, trained and certified in USA, working predominantly with Indian mothers in USA and India. Being a VBAC mother, by chance and choice, I happened to explore how being equipped with information can transform pregnancy, labor and hence birth. I am passionate about natural birthing and I handle personalized

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Patricia Diane Smith

I am the owner of The Woman’s Place in Wilmington NC, a maternity/baby boutique offering childbirth and lactation education and retail. Classes include in person and Zoom childbirth, breastfeeding, healthy pregnancy, birth choices, newborn care. Lactation support is available by appointment. Retail items include maternity and baby clothes, breastfeeding items and nursing bras/clothing, baby wearing,

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Amy MacAulay

One of HRM’s most trusted birth and postpartum doula’s, relied on by dozens Nova Scotia families, Embrace Doula specializes in helping people transition into parenthood and find peace in chaos. Embrace Doula provides HRM families with customized care and support to ensure they have the best possible postpartum experience, even when they feel frightened and

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Vanessa Webb

I am an Inuk from the Nunatsiavut Region in Northern Labrador, Canada. I am a Registered Nurse, who has specialized in Maternal-Newborn care for the last 7 years. I am very passionate about caring for an empowering all women during their pregnancy, labour, delivery, and postpartum periods, along with their breastfeeding journeys. I take much

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Jessica Lagrone

We are Ben & Jessica Lagrone, and we are dedicated to educating couples about childbirth. We are a husband-wife educator team who love providing evidence-based information to empower couples to make decisions with confidence & no fear. Our classes are “dad-friendly” – they’re designed to be engaging for both mom & dad!

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Jane Doe (Jane the Doula)

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Julie Brill

Julie Brill, CCCE, CLD, IBCLC, CHLC is a childbirth educator, doula, lactation consultant, mentor for childbirth educators and doulas, writer, and speaker. She has been teaching childbirth and breastfeeding classes and attending births since 1992 and mentoring new birth professionals as a member of the CAPPA Faculty since 2003. Additionally, she is an International Board

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Tabitha Kathleen Sotomayor

If you’d like to see a Childbirth Educator Training in or around California, please contact me! We may be able to work together to bring a training near you. Visit www.luminarybirth.com/trainings.html for a current list of trainings. BirthWays Board of Directors: Vice President, Meet the Doulas Night Coordinator, and Education Committee Chair East Bay Doula

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Sonali A Shivlani

Director – Pregnancy Fitness Educator – CAPPA Founder – www.baby360degrees.com (ELearning Solutions for Pregnancy and Parenting) Author – Super Moms Recipe Book Concept & Featured in – Prenatal Workouts & Post Natal Workouts (DVD Titles) Expert – www.babycenter.in Expert – Mother and Baby Magazine www.birthindia.org

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Sonya Duffee

Sonya has more than 25 years experience providing prenatal, birth and postnatal care to expectant families in a variety of birth settings including home births, hospital and birth centres. She has attended over 1,000 births in Saskatchewan, Alberta, New Mexico, Texas and Colorado providing personalized, individualized care to meet the needs of her clients. She

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Petra Sambergerova

I have been teaching Childbirth classes at the Vail Health Hospital since 2005. I had developed a Natural Birth class for couples to practice relaxation and comfort measures for labor.

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My goal is to help create a healthy and positive birth experience by bringing with me a calm presence and a wealth of birthing knowledge. I actively listen to my client’s values and needs and incorporate mindful birthing into my practice . Life is not always easy, and being real, either is birth. It’s hard,

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Patricia A. Anaya

Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Published Author: Bumps in Motion: Pregnancy Yoga Sequences from Around the World Paperback https://www.amazon.com/Bumps-Motion-Pregnancy-Sequences-Around/dp/1540321541

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Sarah O’Leary

Working with expectant Mamas and their families has always been a dream of mine! Even as a young girl, I hoped to one day work with expectant Mamas and their families and as a Labor Doula and birth educator, my dreams are realized. Birth is such a beautiful and transforming experience; it is an honor

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Effie Pallotta

Offering… Group and private prenatal classes in Toronto and GTA. Infant and Child CPR workshops in Scarborough Effie is a Certified Childbirth Educator and Doula with over 28 years of experience. Read our reviews at https://www.newlifeprenatal.org/apps/guestbook/

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Barb Lines

Hi! I am a mother of 3 and have been working with women during pregnancy and childbirth since the birth of my oldest child, who is now in her 20s. I am a certified labor doula through DONA International and have attended Certified Lactation Educator training through CAPPA. I am a certified postpartum doula with

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Maura Jo Lynch

NOW Offering GentleBirth Workshops in Connecticut and neighboring states! As a mother of two children, both of whom were physiologic (aka “natural”) births, I know what a challenge birthing can be, and the difference a solid support team and good information can make. I am a Certified Professional Doula, Certified Childbirth Educator, Certified Birth and

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Melanie D Patrick

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers While she supports families who choose to birth using a variety of methods, or no particular method, Melanie is a Hypno-Doula; trained and experienced in both Hypnobabies® and HypnoBirthing®. Her advanced trainings include: Holding Space for Pregnancy and Loss, Spinning Babies techniques, Rebozo for relaxation and comfort, Massage for Birth, and TENS usage

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Mrs. Laurel Wilson

Laurel Wilson, BSc, IBCLC, CCCE, CLE®, CLD, CPPFE, CPPI owns MotherJourney in Morrison, Colorado. She has her degree in Maternal and Child Health – Lactation Consulting. With over twenty five years of experience working with women in the childbearing year and perinatal professionals, Laurel takes a creative approach to working with the pregnant family. She

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Laura Nance

Hi! I’m Laura and I have been working with families for 20 years as a doula and educator. I own For Love of Baby, a doula cooperative which covers Hickory, Statesville, Wilkesboro, Morganton, and surrounding areas of NC. We offer services from pregnancy through postpartum including childbirth, breastfeeding, and after baby classes, labor doula and

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Candace L McCollett

I entered into the childbirth field for two main reasons. First, I wanted to empower women through the natural methods of childbirth. I remember the feelings of strength and control that I encountered when I had my two children at home in the presence of midwives and I wanted to pass this on to other

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Krishyon Young

Services including IBCLC, Doula, Childbirth Education. Specializing in respectful multi-cultural and faith-based care. Trained to support those with a history of anxiety. 

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Jodia Peters

ICAN of Loveland Chapter Leader Northern Colorado Doula Association Member Stillbirthday Bereavement Doula Spinning Babies Parent Educator

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Jennifer A Bertha

I work at a hospital in Guayaquil, where there are about 90 births per day. It is challenging to change the mindset of a factory line, but we are making changes very slowly. LOVE WHAT I DO. Labor Doula, Childbirth Educator and Lactation Educator, love what I do, and love helping women have better births.

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Jessilyn Dolan

Jessilyn is a perinatal and pediatric RN, certified massage therapist, infant massage and yoga instructor, HypnoBirthing childbirth educator, labor doula and maternal child tobacco intervention trainer.

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