Service: Trained Postpartum Doula

Anne Heaps

Anne Heaps is a certified Newborn Care Specialist, Abortion Doula, and Postpartum Doula with 11 years of professional newborn, infant, and toddler experience. Anne is completing her Lactation Educator certification through CAPPA while working overnights with newborn singletons and multiples. 

Beth Mathai

Becoming a resource to new parents and helping them grow and build confidence was a natural career transition for me…   After my  twins were born, I felt overwhelmed and exhausted by the challenges of mothering multiples. It was after the support I received from my family, other veteran twin moms, and my amazing postpartum doula, …

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Jared Jenkins

     Jared has a strong sense of family and self care. Growing up as a middle child in New Jersey, he has always had a knack for nurturing and a strong desire to serve. These attributes show up today in his life by his love for house plants, gardening, community involvement and most importantly …

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Patrick Hutchins

Our Goal is to arm the Father with Knowledge of self , Awareness of Mom, and preparedness for Baby. Through this groundbreaking program we will teach me about their hormones and how they affect our bodies during pregnancy. We will focus on the “Big 3” hormones when it comes to childbirth. Vasopressin: Protection/Territorial/Jealousy. Testosterone: Huge …

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