Hadassah Wright

Hadassah has been passionate about supporting laboring people since attending her first home birth at the age of 12! She is a dual-certified labor doula through These Are My Hours and CAPPA. She is currently working at Bella Donna Midwifery in Jacksonville. NC. To book with Hadassah, please call (910) 621-4266 or e-mail her at

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Brittney Christian

I am Dr. Brittney, and I love all things pregnancy, birth, and babies! I am a licensed and practicing chiropractor! My focus in chiropractic is prenatal, pediatric, and post-natal care. I am a Webster Certified Chiropractor, which means I work with pregnant mama’s to prepare their bodies, specifically hips and pelvis, for their birth! Of

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Jane Doe (Jane the Doula)

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