Susan Van Hart

Susan Van Hart

Student Labour Doula

Services Offered: Labor Support, Waterbirth Support
Location: Devon Alberta Canada

I was diagnosed with MS in 2011. My experience in the health care system proved to be invaluable when I became pregnant. I was shocked how many parallels there were between managing life in a body affected by MS and life in a pregnant body. Both circumstances forced me to juggle the risks and benefits of the choices I faced, build relationships with care providers, and absorb more information than I thought possible while coping with the emotional outcomes of everything I learned.

After birthing my son at home during the COVID 19 Pandemic, in a perfectly tepid pool of water, with my husband, midwife, and doula close by, I made it my goal to support other parents in birthing their way.

I became a student doula in 2021 and am currently working toward certification with CAPPA Academy.

As a Student Labour Doula, my goal is to empower families to:

  • Make informed choices throughout pregnancy, labour and postpartum
  • Exercise body sovereignty through the development of a birth preferences document
  • Mark the special occasion of their child’s birth by facilitating ceremony’s, blessings, or rituals
  • Discover local resources and childbirth/parenting communities and support groups
  • Feel supported in the logistics of comfort and care
  • Feel emotionally supported



Email addresses: (Alternate)
Phone numbers:
587-532-9300 (mobile)
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