Sharon Powers

Sharon Powers

Postpartum Doula

Services Offered: Breastfeeding Support, Postpartum Support
Location: Saint Charles Illinois United States

My background in Events and Hospitality has truly set the tone for my Postpartum Doula Practice. I am open – minded and patient ready to work with you to find the best support and foundation for you and your growing family. I strive to create a harmonious and peaceful environment for you and your baby to thrive.

After three different pregnancies and three different births my personal postpartum ride was always different. My true passion is helping mama’s feel loved, supported and empowered throughout the postpartum wave. The Mama Wave honors many cultural practices and the belief in bringing ‘the village’ back to the new mother. We strive to leave every family feeling empowered, nourished emotionally and physically and assist in both sibling and pet transitions.

My goal is to create support for a new mama to feel light, love and gratitude while riding the wave of new mamahood!


Email addresses: (Alternate)
Phone numbers:
630-276-3849 (mobile)
630-276-3849 (home)
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