Rogini Sudarshan

Rogini Sudarshan

Childbirth educator

Services Offered: Breastfeeding Support, Childbirth Classes, Labor Support, Newborn Care Classes
Certifications: Certified Childbirth Educator
Location: Chennai Tamilnadu India

I’m Rogini Sudarshan, a dedicated and compassionate childbirth educator. My journey into the world of childbirth education began during my pregnancy when I realized the importance of education and debunking myths surrounding pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. This revelation sparked my passion for empowering expectant parents with accurate information and support during this transformative phase of life. As the proud founder of “NILAVU Pregnancy to Parenting,” I aim to provide comprehensive childbirth education, support, and resources to expectant parents. Through personalized and evidence-based classes, I aim to help families navigate their unique pregnancy journey with confidence and knowledge. I firmly believe informed parents make empowered decisions, leading to positive birthing experiences and healthier postpartum transitions. Beyond my work as a childbirth educator, I actively engage with a wider audience on Instagram and YouTube. Through these platforms, I seek to raise awareness and educate individuals about the various aspects of pregnancy and postpartum care. My goal is to dispel misconceptions and foster a support community for parents-to-be and new parents alike. I firmly believe that every individual deserves to have access to accurate information and support during their pregnancy and parenting journey. Empowering expectant parents with knowledge and encouraging them to trust their instincts is the cornerstone of my philosophy.

I am the author of the pregnancy book called ” Melody of Blooms” and the pregnancy journal called “Blooming Belly”, both available internationally on Amazon and



CCCE Certification Number: 5-202115, expires May 28, 2027 (EDT)

Email addresses:
Phone numbers:
91-9176463729 (mobile)
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