Sowbarnika Sasikumar

Sowbarnika Sasikumar

Certified Child birth educator

Services Offered: Breastfeeding Support, Childbirth Classes, Newborn Care Classes, Postpartum Support
Certifications: Certified Childbirth Educator
Location: Chennai Tamil Nadu Chennai

Sowbarnika Sasikumar is the author of the book fetal education. Young and dynamic women explore the world of the unborn baby from her own pregnancy.  She satisfied many clients from all over the world.

About the book: Complete guidance for the nine months of unborn baby development which includes the diet you eat to the thoughts you think.




CCCE Certification Number: 1-202001, expires January 2, 2023 (EDT)

Email addresses:
Phone numbers:
+91 80727 91758 (mobile)
+91 94877 82484 (home)
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