Polly Perez

Polly Perez

Services Offered: Childbirth Classes, Labor Support, Waterbirth Support
Location: Johnson VT United States

CO-OWNER, Cutting Edge Press
Lamaze prepared birth
Houston Organization for Parent Education, 1970-1976
Breastfeeding, OB/GYN Associates, 1977-1981
Emotional and sexual aspects of pregnancy, OB/GYN Associates, 1978-1980
Sibling prepared birth, OB/GYN Associates, 1978-1980
Cesarean, OB/GYN Associates, 1979-1980
Comprehensive birth education
Sibling prepared birth
Childbirth & Family Education, 1983-present

Production assistant, film “Lamaze Childbirth”, 1972
Coordinated research & implementation of FCMC Unit
The Woman’s Hospital of Texas, Houston, 1975-1976
Coordinated research & implementation of shared cesarean birth program
The Woman’s Hospital of Texas, 1976
Preceptor, Clinical nurse specialist program, University of Texas School of Nursing
Galveston, Texas, 1977
Production assistant, film “Birth of Emily”, Houston Children’s Mental Health Services
Implementation of Alternative Birth Center, The Woman’s Hospital of Texas, Houston
Curriculum design, emotional & sexual aspects of birth class, 1978
Established perinatal death protocol, OB/GYN Associates, Houston, 1978
The Woman’s Hospital of Texas, 1978
Consultant, Department of Psychology, research on effect of first child on
marital relationship, University of Houston, 1978-1979
Consultant, Lactation Research Program, Department of Nutrition/GI,
Baylor College of Medicine, 1978-1982
Curriculum design, sibling shared birth class, OB/GYN Associates, Houston, 1978
Curriculum design, refresher birth class, OB/GYN Associates, Houston, 1979
Preceptor, OB/GYN Nurse Practitioner Program, Houston Baptist University, 1980
Consultant, design & publication of Comprehensive Guide to Health Services
for Women Giving Birth Houston Area Health
Care Coalition, 1986-1987
Publication of Special Women: The Role of the Professional Assistant, 1997
Publication of The Nurturing Touch at Birth: A Labor Support Handbook, 1997
Publication of Doula Programs: How to Start and Run a Private or Hospital -Based
Program with Success!, 1998, 2012 2nd ed
Publication of Birth Balls: The Use of Physical Therapy Balls in Maternity Care, 2000
Publication of Special Women: The Role of the Professional Labor Assistant, 2000
Publication of Brain Attack, Danger, Chaos, Opportunity and Empowerment, 2000 Board Appointments

Board of Directors, Director of Conferences/Conventions, ICEA, 1984-1986
Professional Perinatal Consultant. ICEA,1986-1988
Editorial Board, Birth, Issues in Perinatal Care, 1989-2002
Editorial Board, Genesis, Washington, D.C., 1990-present
Executive Council, Doulas of North America, 1992-1996
Review Panel, JOGNN, 1998-2000,
Advisor, CAPPA, 2000 to present

Outstanding Young Women of America, 1980
Who’s Who of American Women, 1988
Who’s Who in American Nursing, 1990-97
The World Who’s Who of Women, 1993, 1994, 1995
2,000 Notable American Women, 6th Edition,1994
Outstanding 100 Great Nursing Alumni, Texas Women’s University, 2001
AWHONN Award of Exellence in Community Service
CAPPA Lifetime Achievement Award, 2003
American Heart Association- NE Affiliate Stroke Survivor of the Year Award, 2003

B.S.N. from Texas Woman’s University
major-nursing minor-psychology/sociology graduate hours at same school
Head Nurse, Nursery
private OB/GYN practice
Childbirth Educator
Nurse Clinician in large OB practice
Director of Patient Education
Throughout the years- Consultant to many obstetricans
President- Childbirth & Family Education, Inc., Houston, Texas
Labor Doula
Perinatal nurse- June 1966 to present
Registered nurse, State of Texas


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polly@cuttingedgepress.net (Alternate)
Phone numbers:
802.635.2142 (home)
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