Oyinade Jeje

Oyinade Jeje

Childbirth Educator (CCCE)

Services Offered: Breastpump Sales/Rentals, Childbirth Classes, Multiples Support, Newborn Care Classes, Remote Support/Virtual Classes, Teen Support, Trained Childbirth Educator, Trained New Parent Educator, VBAC Classes
Certifications: Certified Childbirth Educator
Location: Richardson TX, United States

I live in Richardson, TX with my husband and two children.

I view birth as a truly amazing event, a new beginning that is supported by a mind determined to enjoy life through the growing and the nurturing of a seed that determines one’s success through generations.

It is my delight to work with moms old or new to guide them through the journey of not only having the birth experience that they desire, but also with open minds we are able learn or become aware of complications in pregnancy and develop a learning path that would help us to take ourselves as important piece of the whole journey to childbearing.



CCCE Certification Number: 3-202221, expires March 9, 2025 (EDT)


Email addresses:
jejeoyinade@gmail.com (Alternate)
Phone numbers:
(301) 526-2655 (mobile)
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