Nicolette Meinert

Nicolette Meinert

Services Offered: Multiples Support, Newborn Care Classes, Postpartum Support
Location: Woburn MA United States

Nicolette Meinert has worked in the childcare field since 1997 when she got a baby sitting certificate from the Red Cross. While attending Galvin Middle School in Wakefield, Massachusetts, she volunteered in both the summer school and after school programs. She then attended Wakefield Memorial High School where she studied Early Childhood Education. Since graduating in 2004, Nicolette has worked as an infant toddler and preschool teacher as well as a full-time nanny for a wide range of ages including several sets of twins! She has provided overnight infant care for several families, and volunteers in a local teen parent program offering postpartum support.

 She is certified in the following areas: 

In addition, she is the author of Conversations with Kids: A Journey Through 10 Years of Nannying. 


Email addresses: (Alternate)
Phone numbers:
3392987713 (mobile)
3392987713 (home)
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