Natalie Hewett

Natalie Hewett

Certified Labor Doula

Services Offered: Trained Labor Doula
Location: Northport AL USA

I have always been drawn to helping others and once envisioned myself as a Licensed Professional Counselor. While in graduate school pursuing a degree in Counseling Psychology I became pregnant with my first child. I was encouraged by a close friend to explore my birth options and consider an unmedicated childbirth. I was already passionate about natural living and health issues so the idea of an unmedicated birth sounded interesting. While researching and learning more about childbirth, I realized how significant this event would be. I desired to be surrounded by people who understood not only the physical aspect of childbirth but the emotional component as well.

Although my first birth did not go as planned, it was an empowering and transformative experience. I gained a greater understanding of the pivotal role a doula plays in childbirth and the power of being nurtured while in labor. Without the support of my husband, my obstetrician and my doula I would have been unable to have an unmedicated birth. After delivery, I felt more confident in my role as a mother having endured such a long and strenuous labor. When I returned home from the hospital, I faced additional issues with breastfeeding. The confidence I had gained from my child’s birth enabled me to persevere and to breastfeed successfully.

In 2011, with my newfound appreciation for doulas, I set out to become a birth doula. After attending my first birth I was hooked! I became a Certified Birth Doula through DONA International in 2013 (recently transferred to CAPPA) and have supported a variety of women in diverse circumstances. As a doula, I realize the importance of creating a safe place for women during pregnancy and delivery. When a woman is in a well-supported and nurturing environment, she has the greatest opportunity to discover how beautiful and empowering childbirth can be. Many clients have said their birth stories are a source of strength they will continue to revisit. Statements like this capture the heart of what I do. I am passionate about a woman gaining confidence and strength in her God-given ability to birth and mother her children.

I consider it a great honor and privilege to be invited into a family’s birth story and would love the opportunity to further discuss how I can support you in your childbirth journey.

I have been married to my husband, Chris, for 17 years (as of 2022) and we have three beautiful children, Eliza, Abigail and Thomas, who were all birthed naturally and unmedicated in a hospital environment (with the support of a doula).



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