Shavon S. W. Johnson

Shavon S. W. Johnson

Services Offered: Breastfeeding Support, Infant Massage, Teen Support
Certifications: Certified Lactation Educator™ CLE®
Location: COLTON CA United States

A passionate Certified Lactation Educator offering you lactation education, counseling and support.

What Do I Provide?
• Home visits
• Non-biased information, encouragement, support, counseling and education,
• Support and counseling from preconception to the weaning stage,
• Evidenced based information on breastfeeding and lactation,
• Culturally sensitive breastfeeding and lactation education,
• Referrals offered upon my observation unveiling situations that are out of my scope of practice.

Breastfeeding Assistance:
• Poor LATCH
• Expression of breastmilk
• Pumping
• Maternal/Infant Challenges
• Breastfeeding positions
• Successful starts
• Low milk supply
• Over milk supply
• Nutrition
• Sleepy babies
• Special breastfeeding situations
• Flat/Inverted nipples
• Support for partners
• And more….

Base Rate
• $150.00 up to 3 hours; $50.00 for each additional hour
o Home visit fee, plus helping mom with breastfeeding
**Packages will be offered in the near future based on clients need**
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.


CLE Certification Number: 10-201705, expires October 10, 2020


Email addresses:

Phone numbers:
713859-9069 (mobile)
713859-9069 (home)

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